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To all our readers...the growing mutual fund scandal could have a much larger impact than many analysts estimate.

We have chosen to put our fund analysis on hold until the dust begins to clear.

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Setting Goals
In setting goals, I like to use the story of Alice in Wonderland, who at one point in the story comes upon a fork in the road.

Starting Early
The concept here is simple, the earlier you start investing the longer you can put money to work for you and enjoy the power of compounding.

Risk and Reward
Assessing your tolerance for risk is an essential ingredient in the investment process. Risk is defined in many different ways.

The concept behind diversification is to balance your investment defensively by spreading your money among securities of different industries, sectors and assets classes.

Dollar-Cost Averaging
Studies show that it's nearly impossible to time the markets yet the temptation is always there to try.

Realistic Expectations
Having realistic expectations about investment performance is as critical to the investment process as understanding risk.

Securing Retirement
When the U.S. social security system was passed into law (1933) it was the main source of retirement income for most Americans.


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